Activities that will make your time management training more engaging

Managers and HR professionals are responsible to train employees in different aspects of their jobs. This includes guiding them, offering them training and helping them in their daily tasks to ensure an overall level of productivity and efficiency. However imparting knowledge during trainings can be a tough thing to do. But creativity and little bit of effort can create a hook for employees. This is especially important if it’s a time management training. By making time management trainings engaging and interactive, businesses will save money and resources as most of these are wasted due to lack of management when it comes time.

To create the best time management training for your organization’s workforce, you can use the following time management games in your trainings to keep the participants engaged whereas also help them grasp the concepts of using their time most effectively.

Let them brainstorm

Any successful training needs active participation from the employees. To ensure that everyone takes part, start with brainstorming activity. Create small groups among the participants and give them the task of listing all the ways they end up wasting time at work. This will make the employees not only to participate, but also list all the reasons and practices that cause them to lose time on their jobs. This will also contribute in team building and identify the problem areas for the HR to work on.

Let them find solutions now

This is in continuity of the first activity. With the employees identifying their problem areas that result in wastage of time, you can now ask them to provide solutions. To keep it more engaging and fun, share small rewards like chocolates or USB flash drives to those that provide the solutions faster. Also, give rewards for creativity and exceptionally good ones, so that others also try to pitch in. Making things competitive and fun always makes participants more cooperative in expressing their ideas that will help the organization maximize time daily.

Make them illustrate the problems

Another activity that you can try in your time management training is use a large piece of paper and markers. Use them by asking the participants to list down all the tedious tasks that they have to do every day. The tasks that they list down may include sending emails, finishing reports and other mundane things.

Once they are done, invite them to share issues or problems on the other side of the paper that inhibit them to complete these tasks properly on time. This will allow you, the HR department and the employees grasp an insight as to why tasks get delayed and how they can ensure that they will do their responsibilities promptly next time.

At the end of this activity, ask your employees how would they feel if they completed these tedious tasks of their jobs on time and have more time on their hand for creative tasks. Most will concur that they will be able to enjoy their work more if they were to tackle the issues that make job tasks unpleasant.

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